The Rocky Mountain Bonsai Society


The Rocky Mountain Bonsai Society (RMBS) was founded in 1975 and has a proud lineage to the Denver Bonsai Club which was founded in 1945.  RMBS is a Denver Botanic Gardens (DBG) affiliated plant society and a society member of both the American Bonsai Society and Bonsai Clubs International.  For more information about RMBS’ history please refer to the History of the Rocky Mountain Bonsai Society.
Monthly meetings are typically held on the first Tuesday of each month from 7:00 thru 9:00 pm and held at the Denver Botanic Gardens’ Plant Society Building.  All the monthly meetings are open to the public. Nine months of the year, members meet for a Saturday workshop.  Most of the workshops are either at the Bill Hosokawa Bonsai Pavilion, or at the adjacent Plant Society Building.
Annually, RMBS has a Bonsai Show at the Denver Botanic Gardens to display some of its member’s best bonsai trees for the public’s enjoyment.


Monthly Meeting - January 
Denver Botanic Gardens
Gates Hall
1007 York Street; Denver, CO  80206
How to Choose the Bonsai Style
Larry Jackel
As bonsai evolved, designs that use the trunk, branches and surface roots in the most natural way became the art’s classic styles. In the transition from China to Japan, design became more clearly defined, emphasizing balance as well as beauty. This refinement of bonsai styles was the result of pinching, pruning and wiring. In the dwarf trees he worked on, man reflected what he saw in the trees around him.  At no time should you hesitate to design a bonsai just because it does not conform to an established style. Remember that a good bonsai is one that draws the viewer into the tree and reveals the wonder of nature.  (Courtesy of Detta Keiza's blog)
Larry will discuss his techniques when he is choosing a bonsai style for his trees.
RMBS Member Survey Results
Connie Garrett, Programs and Guest Artist Chair